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Correctly adjusting the geometry of the car is a part of safe driving, as well as the savior of car tires. Therefore, protect yourself and your tires by coming to us for diagnosis.

Regular oil change is the basis of the sustainability of the car engine, so it is important to change it on time, observing the intervals suitable for the car.

Proper maintenance and service of gearboxes is becoming more and more important nowadays. Long-term use of oil creates a high level of contamination, which can contribute to various problems, incorrect gear shifting, etc. The consequences can be expensive gearbox repairs or even replacement. Therefore, transmission manufacturers recommend regular maintenance of drive systems.

Our Mechanics are able not only to diagnose car with computer to determine the cause of problems, but also to improve the power of engine and much more.


We provide detailing services, which include cleaning the car from bitumen, polishing the body, applying a ceramic coating, polishing lights and other car cosmetic services.

When the seasons change or when you buy new rims, Ambo will take care of changing tires and mounting rims.

Small repairs are repairs that can be done quickly, such as replacing a light bulb, replacing a cabin filter, adjusting lights, etc.